17 Ekim 2009 Cumartesi


Broken glass
The plan has failed
The silence knows
A man of faith
Everything that you know, what a layman will for diamonds
Fell on his knees gave in the sad overload
And all of the survivors shamed in the trench
Scrape up what’s left of his soul
Of his soul, of his soul

Come out of the shadows
The hills are a-green
Painting you a rainbow
Singing you a dream
Now what is pride for you
It ain’t no good to you
You’ll make a substitute
That lets you fly away

You silence every love
Yet you always starve for more
You’re only wasting time
Lucky to be alive
Lucky to be alive
Your heart was set to lose
The nurse called out for blood
You’re a celestial tremor
Surfin’ on the fast-track
Blue suede shoes
Dancing on a landmine
Designed just for you
The mess you’re in, oh heaven
No stranger to fear
It won’t disappear
Truth never fades away
These thoughts are me

And what do you think they’ll do?
The ground is a pendulum
The continent is gravel
Humming in your shoe
A pendulum
And who decides for us
At the very end of trust
The undertow of love
We only turn away

the tick tock part III.

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